Architectural stripes




July 2018 • Canon 60D camera


Dronning Eufemias gate, 0191 Oslo

On an extremely hot day in Oslo, I visited the Barcode Project in the neighborhood of Bjørvika. It consists of a series of commercial and residential buildings designed by different architectural firms. The name “Barcode” comes from the buildings being close together in different widths that makes it look like barcode “stripes”.

Completed in 2016, the buildings have some wonderful facades that I found a joy to explore and photograph. Barcode is also part of a bigger urban renewal project in Oslo. Called Fjordbyen, several projects are to be built along the coast of central Oslo. Among these projects is the Opera House in Oslo and Tjuvholmen which I also visited.

DNB bank headquarters C

Architect: Dark Arkitekter

DNB bank headquarters A

Architect: MVRDV

DNB bank headquarters B (The carve)

Architect: a-lab (Arkitekturlaboratoriet AS)

Did you know...

During the construction on the Barcode site, archeological discoveries were unearthed. This included many sailing boats from the 16th and 17th Century.

Deloitte (the Glacier)

Architect: Snøhetta

Visma building

Architect: Dark Arkitekter A/S


Architect: Solheim + Jacobsen Arkitekter

Tårn A & B

Architect: Lundhagem

Tårn D (Cliffhanger)

Architect: Lundhagem

PWC built

Architect: a-lab (Arkitekturlaboratoriet AS)

Akrobaten bridge

Architect: L2 Arkitekter

The Akrobaten footbridge behind Barcode (in-between the Deloitte and Visma buildings), connects the district Bjørvika with Grønland. The 206-meter long bridge crosses over the railway tracks at Oslo central station. It was opened in 2011.

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