View from Moon Hill




October 2009 • Canon 40D camera

After lunch at the nearby village we cycled to the base of Moon Hill or 月亮山 Yueliang Shan in Chinese. The area was filled with karst hills but one hill was unique and stood out. It had a semi- circle carved into the hill, which naturally made it a must to hike up and stand in the circle.

With 800 steps to the top, it took around 30 minutes — longer than I expected. Having spent most of the morning cycling, my legs were still recovering (I hadn't ridden a bike in years). On top of that the weather was extremely hot, well over 30℃+ which made us take our time to the top.

Did you know...

There are 14 rock climbing routes on the north west side of Moon hill to challenge any rock climbers.

At the top the views are breathtaking. A panoramic view of a landscape full of karst hills like we saw at Li River. Little farm villages were dotted around the countryside and we saw the village where we had lunch. On the inside of the hole you could see rock climbers on the surface.

Final thoughts

There is a small fee to climb to the top, which won't take you too long, as the steps are paved quite well. It's worth the effort hike up if the weather is good and clear as you get to see stunning views of karst hills.

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