Secret Beach




April 2019 • Canon 80D camera

Trek stats

14.17km (9mi)

Distance (round trip)


Elevation Gain

4hr 32min

Duration (round trip)

An interesting trek lie ahead of us. As part of the photography tour Chris was leading on the Faroe Islands, he was going to take us to a secret beach.

Due to the sensitive nature of the place, I will not be posting any details. We had a long hike ahead of us, but Chris promised the viewpoint at the end would blow us away.

The weather was good with bright skies. We were walking in the open plains with no cover. With the heat of the sun and gale like winds, it made the trek tough. Another hindrance was the soft, muddy marshes that we had to walk through which also slowed us down.

But as we continued onwards, I noticed on the horizon large mountains starting to rise up. I felt like an ant in this large open space with the massive mountains ahead of us.

We stopped for lunch by a small river, hiding under a hill so we could eat without the wind blowing our food all over the place. From here it was a short trek towards the mountains that was looming ahead of us. 

We arrived at the edge of a cliff. When Chris said we would reach a viewpoint that would blow us away he was not kidding... literally with strong winds and the scenery was spectacular. Standing at the cliff edge, you could see a hidden beach below. It was a great place to photograph the grandeur of this part of the island, with the ocean disappearing to one side and on the other side the large mountain cliff face.

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