April 2019 • Canon 80D camera

One of the most photogenic and famous places in the Faroe Islands is the waterfall at the village of Gásadalur. It's 15 mins from the airport and you park just before the village in a purpose-built car park. Múlafossur waterfall is nice natural wonder set against the impressive landscape. The waterfall is not very big and was actually smaller than I had expected. The waterfall falls of the edge of the island into the ocean.

You will also see something unique, as the waterfall will fly up because of the strong winds. Most photographers will just photograph the waterfall. Instead you should angle the camera towards the ocean. You will be treated to a stunning panorama of the waterfall, the Atlantic Ocean and the island of Mykines in the distance.

Chris saved visiting this place till sunset. It was a gamble as we did not know if we would get good weather. But we have been lucky with the weather throughout the trip and we were treated to a spectacular sunset.

A majestic full circular sun slowly setting turning the sky pink and orange. For me, watching the sun set was what I will remember more than the waterfall itself.

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