Sea Stacks




April 2019 • Canon 80D camera

Our very first trek on the Faroe Islands was to visit a secret location of sea stacks. It was a cloudy and foggy late afternoon as we trekked through the terrain. There was and eerie silence to the place as followed Chris. As we walked the sky got darker and darker...

The weather had changed dramatically after 10 minutes of trekking. Heavy wind and rain fell down on us as we approached the cliff edge. Trying to stand straight against the strong wind, below us we could see some amazing sea stacks. The photos below does not do justice to how high and how big the stacks are.

It felt very otherworldly especially with howling wind and rain. It was difficult to take any photos in the bad weather and I had to sit down to try to steady my camera to take a few shots before we all headed back to the car.

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